The Story

of how Deidis was born

Once upon a time, when Internet Explorer 6 was still ruling the world, Evaldas Taroza came out of university as a freshly baked Master of Computer Science. His head was full of complicated research and fancy ideas but the world needed simple things - websites, webshops, and tools.

Many years Evaldas worked and practiced different technologies from backend till frontend, implemented web solutions for a variety of businesses. Whatever he did he saw it could be done better, but there was never enough time for a perfect solution. The digital world was in perpetual beta.

The time was passing by as developers were building structures and systems. Web services became apps and everyone in the world finally had websites, webshops and tools for any imaginable purpose.

And then one day there were so many platforms and apps that people started to suffer. The continuum of choice made them unhappy, anxious and less productive.

As businesses are by definition about productivity, Evaldas decided to address this contradiction by launching Deidis.

Deidis brings entrepreneur problem solvers (who are at the same time experienced developers) into close collaboration with a business. This provides shortcuts and precision when something needs to be resolved on a technical level. And it all begins with sales.

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