The Story

by E. Taroza, the founder of Deidis

For many years I practiced different technologies from backend to frontend and implemented web and mobile solutions for a variety of businesses.

My experience showed that non-technical people were using digital tools inefficiently. Where a marketing guy would be copy-pasting - a developer would write a script; where a manager would be importing-exporting - a developer would synchronize data; where human errors are possible - a developer can build a simple test.

Every day someone loses time on simple tasks due to a lack of technical knowledge. Hence, I launched Deidis.

Deidis is a digital efficiency agency specializing in projects deliverable within one month. Companies save costs, while people save time.


An ecosystem of happs curated by developers and users, dedicated to working efficiently


Improve work efficiency by providing simple, affordable solutions and guidance

Our Values

Ready to help

Team spirit and willingness to solve problems together are in our hearts

Work smarter not harder

Let the code do the work and automate what's worthwhile

Simple app - big impact

We love the simplicity and solutions that address one specific problem at a time

Every minute counts

If we win one minute per hour for ten people, then one person can take a couple of days off per month

Solution architect