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Enabling sales champions four ways

Pipedrive is a cloud application. You don't need to install anything and it's pretty intuitive to use. Still it has a lot of features and settings that you need to learn or know in order to be able to map this awesome SaaS solution to your specific needs.

Another topic is migration from a legacy CRM, is it even feasible? Or maybe you should use both and synchronize the two systems?

Here's a short list of things where Deidis will have you covered:

  • Analysing your current sales process
  • Polishing and mapping your process into Pipedrive
  • Setting up automated workflows
  • Configuring out of the box apps and integrations
  • Helping to adopt Pipedrive as fast as possible
  • Paving the path for customizations and scalability

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With Deidis you get the 1st level support for Pipedrive. In other words - a partner who knows your business and is able to help you more effectively.

Our #1 priority is to assist you and resolve technical issues so that you stay focused on generating revenue.

Here's a short list of things where Deidis will have you covered:

  • Supporting you on functionality of Pipedrive
  • Helping with integrations and simple customizations
  • Spotting new opportunities for optimizing your sales process
  • Helping your team members to get up to speed with new features
  • Escalating bugs and feature requests directly to Pipedrive
  • Contributing to your company's know-how

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Pipedrive provides a public API, therefore we can connect it to other cloud services or to your internal systems.

Besides integrations and apps, Deidis developers are able to do certain adjustments in Pipedrive user interface, or in extreme cases make Pipedrive a fully headless CRM.

At Deidis a developer is also an entrepreneur, therefore we aim that technical projects have a clear business KPI.

Here's a short list of things where Deidis will have you covered:

  • A team of multi-skilled problem solvers
  • Entrepreneurial spirit within a technical team
  • Hands-on approach
  • Full-stack developers that sales can talk to and be understood
  • Solution architects that can advise on direction for growth
  • An escalation point for bugs and new features for Pipedrive

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Nobody knows your business better than you therefore we're not going to advise you on strategy. However, tactical things we can discuss very fruitfully.

At Deidis we bring our experience from real case scenarios and applications. We invite you to leverage our knowledge as a shortcut for your success.

Here are several points where you will find Deidis useful:

  • Helping you to make sense of analytics
  • Sharing know-how
  • Exploring conversion rate optimisation
  • Supervising improvements of your sales process
  • Providing pointers about sales effectiveness
  • Suggesting to use different apps and integrations

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"Businesses need partners,
not agencies."

E. Taroza, founder of Deidis
Added Value

Practical Approach

Deidis is not a strategical consulting agency but a hands-on Pipedrive solution provider. We use an agile and iterative style of work to cover four service areas:


Growing sales revenue

Optimized sales processes

Continuous improvement


Every business is unique but many sales processes and tools are similar. Plenty of books are written how to optimize, track, and steer sales numbers. At Deidis we bring our experience from real case scenarios and applications. We invite you to leverage our knowledge as a shortcut for your success.

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People who work at Deidis share the following values:

  • Entrepreneurs at the core
  • Fast learners
  • Good listeners
  • Clear communicators
  • "Everything is possible" mindset
  • Hands-on teamwork
We bring multi-skilled problem solvers who can not only talk about the work they do but actually do it. Our goal is to be your extended team who you trust and who can show you great ways how to save time and sell more.

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As the digital sales operations are improving, the number of tools, integrations, accounts, settings, and know-how are growing as well. Pipedrive is designed to keep you selling, but is your organization designed this way as well?

Deidis aims to provide 1st class digital sales operations for your company.

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Simple Pricing

Price Plans

When you switch to Deidis as a support and solution provider you'll still have to purchase user licenses directly from Pipedrive

EUR 840.-

fixed daily rate

Tier-1 Pipedrive support and solution provider

Up to 1h waiting time to start handling new requests

Dedicated team effort of 8h/day

All service areas are included

Up to 4h per month of high-level analysis sessions with a sales team lead

4h+ per day of senior developer support

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EUR 1300.-

base daily rate

Tier-1 Pipedrive support and solution provider

Immediate response to new requests during business hours

Dedicated team effort of up to 32h/day

All service areas are included

Dynamic reallocation of effort depending on the project phase, scope and priorities

The adaptive pricing depends on the size of your sales team. Our base daily rate assumes supporting sales operations with 8 Pipedrive users.

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I have a small team which price plan should I choose?

If your team is less than 10 people you should go for the Standard. It will feel as if you got an additional team member, who can complement your sales in many ways. Think of all the hours that your team will save harnessing technology. You can switch to Adaptive when you grow and need more help.


How do you ensure quality?

Deidis brings experience, skills, and infrastructure. Depending on scope of work we distribute the workload very carefully on specific service areas: setup, support, development and guidance. On top of that, objectives are very clear: growing your sales revenue, optimizing your sales processes, improving your know-how. Meeting objectives is equivalent to quality according to our understanding.


Is there a money back guarantee or a trial period?

You can try Pipedrive for free during several weeks. However, we don't offer free service at Deidis. If our cooperation is not fruitful, it will be obvious that we'll break the relationship, and you'll simply move on with another solution provider - no strings attached.


What's your billing cycle?

We bill customers once per month on the last day of each month. If the day falls on the weekend, we issue the invoice on the following business day.