Digital Efficiency

Let The Code Work

Do you often find yourself saying...

Why the hell my tasks are always a low priority for the IT department?

In my previous job we were doing it better

I'm too smart for this repetitive task, and I will quit if they ask me to do it again!

I wonder if it's ok that I export all our leads to Excel and send it per email to my colleague...

I like that app, but 80% of it I actually don't use

Damn, I am wasting my time switching between 3 apps!

I would just pay someone for doing this task instead of me...

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Deidis hub - the missing piece
Deidis hub

Integration Platform

We develop apps that solve specific efficiency-related problems. These apps (we call them happs) are usually deployed on the Deidis hub and are available as a piece of software to rent.

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Pipedrive Premier Partner
Sales platform

Sell Efficiently

We love this CRM and are excited to be a premier solution provider.

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CloudTalk Silver Partner
Call center

Grow Efficiently

You wouldn't want to miss CloudTalk. With Deidis, you can also benefit from flat-rate calling plans.

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