Digital Efficiency

Let The Code Work

Do you often find yourself saying...

Damn, I am wasting my time switching between 3 apps!

Somehow half of the work I do ends up manipulating data in a spreadsheet

I tried 10 apps already, but they all don't have this feature

I wonder if it's ok that I export all our leads to Excel and send it per email to my colleague...

I like that app, but 80% of it I actually don't use

In my previous job we were doing it better

If only that app could also do XYZ, I would save an hour per day...

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Deidis hub - the missing piece
Deidis hub

Integration Platform

We develop apps that solve specific efficiency-related problems. These apps (we call them happs) are usually deployed on the Deidis hub and are available as a piece of software to rent.

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SMAILD for Bexio
Send letters efficiently

SMAILD for Bexio

Dispatch documents by physical mail directly from bexio or from your mailbox. Improve the dunning process by sending payment reminders automatically by post.

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