Deidis hub

Integration Platform

Deidis hub is a multi-tenant cloud platform where you can host and rent custom-made apps, extensions and integrations (also known as happs). Every happ has its own technical setup and pricing.

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Happ development


We aim to deliver happs in one month or less. It implies small-scope implementation projects to solve a specific efficiency-related problem.

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Submit your requirements so we can propose a solution. It may even happen that no coding will be necessary.



Together we will work out the smallest possible affordable implementation that will have the biggest possible effect for your efficiency.



The app is to be implemented and deployed within one month. We will negotiate the costs and other conditions before the kick-off.

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Every app, extension, or integration is deployed to the Deidis hub and is available for others to rent. This way, we make the implementation cost low.

Implementation work €60 to €140 per hour
Maintenance and contingency2.5% of the project total during 12 months
Monthly subscription fee0.3% of the project total

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Let's say your requirements are scoped to 40 man-hours with an estimated €75 average hourly rate. The total cost of the project will be 75 × 40 = €3,000. Depending on the situation, we may agree a payment plan of 75 × 40 / 12 = €250 per month.

After go-live, the 2.5% maintenance and contingency fee is applied, which is 75 × 40 × 0.025 = €75 per month, during 12 months.

Additionally, after go-live the 0.3% subscription fee is applied, which is 75 × 40 × 0.003 = €9 per month.


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