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Session reservation

Submit the reservation form so we can get in touch for a brief conversation to understand your business case and schedule the session.


Guided setup

We'll have a 1 - 1.5 hours conference call with screen-sharing enabled. While adjusting different settings, you'll have a chance to explore various features, and ask questions.



We'll send you a summary in an email with instructions how to continue. You'll be able to proceed on your own or engage with Deidis to make your life easier.

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Reservation Form

Before or during the guided setup session, you will have to create a new Pipedrive account. Should you want to use your existing Pipedrive account, please let us know.


How long does the whole thing take?

After you reserve a spot, depending on availability we'll have around 15 minutes talk. From our experience the session is normally scheduled within 1 week, and takes 60-90 minutes. Then it will take us a couple of days to summarise everything. You'll spend around 2 hours in total, but they might be distributed throughout a week or more.


How to extend Pipedrive trial period?

If you show interest in working with Deidis and you need more time to get into Pipedrive, we might be able to extend your trial period from 14 days to 30 days or more. Hopefully this will relieve the stress from you while you're preparing to switch to Pipedrive.


What if there's not enough time?

Every company has a different sales process, and to tune the toolset isn't possible within 2 hours, it's normal. Our objective is to cover you with basics, put you on track faster, and let you continue on your own until you need guidance from Deidis.


Why do you do it?

During guided setup we have a chance to help and learn. Our internal KPI is the efficiency of our customers, even if it's a one-time no-commitment relationship.

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