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Deidis is a digital efficiency agency specializing in projects deliverable within one month. We help people to save time and optimize costs for businesses.

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Service Categories

Our objective is your efficiency. If you are struggling with repetitive tasks, missing features, or lack of technical knowledge, then submit your requirements to Deidis.

App development

We focus on small apps. It can be an integration, automation, report, or something that helps you save time and effort.


We work with checklists and follow best practices. Experience shows that guided setup is the most efficient way to onboard users.

1st level support

We love to solve problems and are always ready to help. Your efficiency is our KPI.


Every wasted minute means wasted money. We guide you to improve your efficiency.


Every business is unique, but many processes and tools are similar. At Deidis, we bring our experience from real-case scenarios and applications. We invite you to leverage our knowledge as a shortcut to your success.

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People who work at Deidis are:

  • Entrepreneurs at the core
  • Multi-skilled, fast learners
  • Good listeners
  • Problem solvers
  • Hands-on teamwork
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At Deidis we are results-driven, which means that we have to focus better, understand faster, and work more efficiently.

All our services

All our apps, extensions, and integrations are hosted on the Deidis hub. It's a custom-made cloud platform designed for ease of use.

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Deidis hub - the missing piece

Small App - Big Impact

We develop apps that solve specific efficiency-related problems. These apps (we call them happs) are usually deployed on the Deidis hub and are available as a piece of software to rent.

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"Developers are like magicians nowadays."

E. Taroza, founder of Deidis, Switzerland